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5 Surprise Stores for Black Friday 2014

Even though Black Friday 2013 is barely over, it is never too early to start looking forward to 2014 deals. It can really pay off to start planning your holiday shopping as early as possible. That way you can plan your expenses and decide what you should purchase now, and what you should wait to purchase later in the year. Each Black Friday, there are always some obvious choices for shopping, like the big department stores: Wal-Mart, Target, JC Penney, Best Buy, and the like. But what about surprise stores, stores you may not think about right away? It is easy to forget to shop at regional chains, local stores, and other online stores on Black Friday. Here are 5 stores which we believe will offer some excellent deals on Black Friday this year:
1. Meijer
Meijer is a regional chain of hypermarkets headquartered in Michigan. If you live in the region that Meijer serves, you are probably very familiar with them. If you do not, odds are you have never even heard of them. Regional chains are often forgotten on Black Friday amid all the national chains vying for attention, but last year Meijer offered some awesome Black Friday deals, like $50 off of the Kindle Fire HD 8.9” Tablet. Given that, it seems reasonable to project that they will be offering more incredible Black Friday 2014 specials. If you live near Meijer, be sure to add them to your list.
2. Online markets like eBay and Etsy
Technically eBay and Etsy are marketplaces with numerous sellers—not simply stores—but because of this, it is easy to pass over them during Black Friday. Once again, many shoppers miss these amazing Black Friday deals, because they are each offered individually by sellers on the site who operate their own small businesses. Nonetheless, many sellers on these online marketplaces offered incredible savings on their products over Black Friday and Cyber Monday last year. This year, expect even more sales as more and more customers turn to online resources like these for their purchases.
3. Guitar Center
Also easy to miss are deals offered by stores which sell to customers in a specific niche, like Guitar Center. For musicians, the store offered some amazing discounts last Black Friday. $200 guitars were going for around $70, and the store was also offering 15% off of all non-sale items. Free drumsticks were given away to early customers to get in line. Look for more awesome deals on Black Friday 2014 from Guitar Center and other niche stores. Other music stores like Music & Arts and Musician’s Friend also will probably offer great surprise deals in 2014.
4. Newegg
As an online store, Newegg also tends to be forgotten by many customers on Black Friday, who pass it over in favor of Best Buy and other offline shopping options. Newegg offers many of the best deals on electronics throughout the year, however, and Black Friday is no exception. Last year we saw amazing bargains on widescreen TV sets, speakers, computers, cameras, and other electronic merchandise. This year they will certainly be offering similar wonderful deals. Newegg is renowned for their fast shipping and excellent customer service, which makes them an even better option for your 2014 shopping.
5. Local stores
Finally, do not forget to go shopping at local stores this Black Friday. Last year, did you do all your shopping at major department stores? If so, you probably missed out on a ton of deals being offered by local merchants in your area operating private businesses. Small business owners do not have the advertising power of big businesses, which means that it is more difficult for them to get the word out to customers about their Black Friday deals. That does not mean they do not have them. This Black Friday, set aside an hour of your shopping day to head downtown to your favorite local stores to see what kinds of discounts they have. The savings will probably surprise you!
Black Friday is a time for massive bargains on electronics, clothing, appliances, and more. Most of the big Black Friday ads are posted each year for the huge department stores which you find at the mall. But that does not mean that regional and local stores do not offer incredible deals, or that online stores and marketplaces should be ignored. Look to these stores for the best Black Friday surprise deals in 2014, and have fun shopping!

5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him for 2014

Valentine’s Day is this week! Hard to believe, right? Just yesterday we were talking about Christmas gift ideas, and now it’s already mid-February. If you’re floundering when it comes to Valentine’s Day and need some last-minute gift ideas for your husband or boyfriend, you have come to the right place. Here are 5 of the top popular gift ideas for him for Valentine’s Day 2014.
1. Useful, comfortable apparel – Consider a waterproof baseball cap. They’re are all the rage these days, and perfect for summer. A luxury bathrobe is another great idea, because it’s something soft and cuddly, perfect for long, languorous mornings together on the weekends. Look in his closet to see if he is running out of anything, like socks or underwear. Get him something he needs as well as something he wants.
2. Technology – Consider getting your boyfriend or husband the latest iPod or the Kindle Fire HD. Or maybe your home entertainment center could use an upgrade with a Roku Streaming Player (the nice thing about a streaming player is that you get to enjoy it, too!). There are few gifts that really say “I love you” more than technology. It’s expensive, useful, and fun, and all of us could use a little more of it in our lives. This gift idea is guaranteed to make him happy!
3. DIY – Some of the best, most unforgettable and fun gifts are gifts you make yourself out of supplies you pick up. One cute idea is to make a coupon book with coupons you have written out yourself (for example, “Good for One Free Backrub.” Look online and you’ll find plenty of other fun handmade gift ideas like this one. Handmade gifts are meaningful and one-of-a-kind, just like your relationship with your husband or boyfriend.
4. Food! – Food never goes out of fashion. Food is delicious any day of the year, which is why gifts of wine, beer, or chocolate will always be in style. There is no guy on the planet who will not be thankful for a bottle of his favorite wine or a box of his favorite treats. If he is a beer drinker, pick him up a 6 pack of his favorite selection.
5. Plan a special night out – This is a more complex idea, but it’s a good one (just make sure that his schedule is going to be free, and he hasn’t planned something for the same night). Think about something you’ve both wanted to do for a while but have never gotten around to, and plan a special evening out. Buy a new dress, hire a limousine, place a reservation at a fancy restaurant. If he is a sports fan, take him to see his favorite basketball or hockey team play. He’ll never forget the effort you put in to surprising him with a special evening.
If you’re running out of time to get a Valentine’s Day gift, don’t worry! There are plenty of great options out there, many of which are very easy. So hit the malls and hurry up. Any gift that tells your boyfriend or husband that you love him is one that he will appreciate now and forever.
Now we want to hear from the ladies. What are you planning on buying the special man in your life this Valentine’s Day?

5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her for 2014

Heads up, guys—Valentine’s Day is this week! If you still haven’t bought your special lady a gift, you are probably eyeing up those 14 red roses for sale at your local florist. But come on, you still have time to get your wife or girlfriend a real gift that’s going to last (doesn’t mean you should skip the roses, of course!). Here are some ideas for easy, useful and fun Valentine’s Day gifts for her for 2014.
1. Jewelry – This is a mainstay for Valentine’s Day, but that’s because it’s tough to get tired of bling. A lot of guys say they don’t know how to shop for jewelry, but it’s easy. Just pay attention to what your girlfriend or wife likes to wear, and then walk into the jewelry store and look for something similar. If in doubt, most women love diamonds, or anything in their favorite colors. Online you’ll find some fabulous deals on jewelry at this time of year. It’s not too late to pick up something gorgeous at an equally sparkling price!
2. Get something for the kitchen – If your partner loves to cook, try to find her something that will make life in the kitchen easier. Another idea is to buy her a bottle of her favorite wine, a new set of stemware, and a brand new wine opener. On that note, food also makes a great gift for her. Women love chocolate and other delicious treats.
3. Technology – Around this time of the year, men often forget that women love technology just as much as they do. You aren’t the only one who wouldn’t mind a brand new tablet or a streaming player for the home entertainment center. Your girlfriend or wife would love a new e-reader like the Kindle Fire HD or a new iPod Touch. And if you buy a streaming player for the home entertainment center, you are purchasing an upgrade that both of you can enjoy together.
4. Perfume – This is another mainstay which has been around for decades, and it’s here to stay. Considering getting her a popular scent that is in style this year, or a new bottle of one of her favorites. Any woman who loves perfume can always use more of it. If you do choose to buy her perfume, make sure that you like the smell too as you will likely be smelling it a lot!
5. Plan a special evening out – Make sure that your lady doesn’t have any plans for the same night before you do, of course. Go all-out. Buy yourself a tux, give your local limousine company a call, and make a reservation at a fancy restaurant. But don’t stop there. Try to think of something you’ve been meaning to do together but never have. Go try an activity you’ve never done before. Learn the tango, go to a concert, do something unique and memorable.
Remember guys, Valentine’s Day is a holiday centered around your special girl. Make it memorable and you will reap the benefits the rest of the year.

Get Your Spring Shopping List for 2014 Ready!

It’s still pretty cold through most of the country, but spring is right around the corner, and in a couple of months, it’s going to start getting warmer outside. There’s nothing quite like those first few days of spring when the air starts to thaw and you can leave your sweater or sweatshirt in the house! To get the most out of spring, it’s best to start shopping now. While Black Friday 2014 is still many many months away, here are some similar deals that will make you feel like it’s November!
1. Spring swimwear
It may still be a little early for swimwear, but start looking for new one-pieces, bikinis, and trunks in the next couple of months. Swimwear is a seasonal fashion, and a lot of shops don’t even stock it through autumn and winter, so spring is the very best time to shop for a new swimsuit. You’ll have your pick of the newest styles before the crowds hit the stores at the height of summer, and you’ll get to enjoy the entire swim season. What’s in this year? Bright, tribal patterns and bold, surprising color combinations.
2. Spring fashions
It’s also time to start stocking up on everyday wear as well as formalwear for spring and summer of 2014. What’s in this year? In terms of colors, stark white is going to be huge. Also expect pale pinks and lavenders to be popular for women, and tans and gold tones to come into style for both men and women. Knee-length skirts are going to be very fashionable this year, especially form-fitting ones. Shorter thigh-length skirts will also be popular. Look for more of those bold tribal patterns which will be gracing swimsuits in women’s wear as well.
For men, a lot of the vintage throwback fashions which started to come into fashion last year are going to continue to be popular this year. Loose-fitting t-shirts with prints will be popular, as will very thin ties.
Pro Tip: Avoid the look that most NBA players seem to be adopting these days. The glasses with no lenses, the strange shirts, the skin tight pants. I am talking to you Russell Westbrook and Dwayne Wade.
3. Shoes
It’s also time to pick up shoes for springtime. It’s a great time to go out and buy a pair of sandals, which will be comfortable and convenient throughout the summer. We’re going to be seeing a lot of fancy sandals for women these days with dozens of straps, as well as other interesting mesh patterns. Stiletto heels will be a big trend. If you like quirky looks, you will have a lot of fun shopping for shoes this spring.
4. Sportswear and equipment
One of the best things about springtime is being able to go outdoors and enjoy the weather. It’s a great time to enjoy spring and summertime sports like swimming, volleyball, golf, fishing, and hiking. That means this is the perfect time of the year to start stocking up on what you’ll need to enjoy your favorite springtime sports and activities. Every year, companies like REI that specialize in active wear host springtime sales. So keep your eyes peeled for opportunities. Consider trying something new this year! If you’ve never golfed, try hitting the fairway. If you’ve never played tennis, invest in a couple of tennis racks. You might even discover a brand new hobby.
5. Beach supplies
Along with your swimwear, you may want to pick up some other supplies for the beach. This is a great time to buy a nice big beach towel, and also to invest in some beach sandals. A beach umbrella can also come in handy, as can a hat (just be sure to pick something that won’t blow off in those strong ocean breezes). Pick up a pail and some toys for the kids, too. There’s nothing quite like a day at the beach to usher in the spring and enjoy the summer.
6. GPS
Spring is a great time to think about purchasing some portable technology. If you don’t have GPS in your life yet, this is a great time to consider investing in a GPS receiver. The newest models have many more powerful capabilities than the older models, but if you don’t need a lot of bells and whistles, you can pick up an older model for under $100. In fact, you can get a used GPS in good shape for less than $50. GPS is great for spring, because this is the perfect time to go exploring. The roads are clear from the never ending snow, parks are starting to open up their hiking trails again, and there is a whole world out there waiting for you.
7. E-reader
Another great investment you can make this spring is an e-reader. E-readers are going down in price, like GPS, and the newer models are capable of a whole lot more than just displaying e-books. You can even watch instant download television programs and films on your e-reader! The Kindle Fire HD, Amazon’s bestselling new e-reader, has a crystal clear display, and offers outstanding performance. E-readers allow you to bring your favorite books and films with you on the go. What better way is there to enjoy the warm spring weather than to kick back with a book in the park or on your veranda?
8. Gardening supplies
This is the perfect time to get out in the garden and the yard and make some improvements. Head to your local hardware store to pick up some tools for your garden shed, and think about dropping by the plant nursery to pick up some seeds for your garden beds. Springtime is perfect for planting flowers, since many flowers bloom during this season. During the summertime, it is harder to get work done in the yard because of the heat, so make the most of the springtime while it’s here.
Springtime is always a great season to get some serious shopping done. That’s one of the reasons that it’s also such a popular time for household cleaning. So go out with the old and come in with the new—stock up on sportswear and supplies for spring and summer activities, invest in some fun spring fashions, and pick up gardening supplies and tools for yard work. Treat yourself to a GPS or e-reader, and get the most out of the spring weather!

Toy store New York

New York is a great place to do some shopping, no matter what king of items you are looking for. If you are looking for atoy store in New York, here you can find information about the biggest and world best known stores to do some shopping in New York.
The toy stores in New York have items that will enjoy not only children, but adults as well. At these huge stores you will find all kind of items, from teddy bears and Barbies to trendy electronic devices.
Keep reading and find the best toy store New York where you can do some shopping.

Disney Store

1540 Broadway, New York, NY 10036
Disney has a toy store located at Times Square. This is main Disney store in New York and the magic of Disney is all over. Stories and characters of Disney gain life at every corner of this store, where you can find an huge variety of Disney products.

Lego Store

620 5th Ave, New York, NY 10020
Located at Rockefeller Center you can find the Lego Store. This store is meant to leave all the lego lovers stunned, as you can choose which pieces you would like to take and pay according to the weight.

Build a Bear

565 5th Ave, New York, NY 10020
This unique store is located at 5th avenue and allows you to create you own teddy bear, including all its details as well as its clothes.

Toys “R” US

1514 Broadway, New York, NY 10036
This is one of the most famous toy stores in the world. The main Toys “R” US store is located in Time Square and has toys, videogames, action figures and several other items for all ages.
FAO Schwarz - Toy store New York

FAO Schwarz

767 5th Ave, New York, NY 10022
FAO Schwarz is one of the most traditional and famous toy store New York. This store opened to the public in 1862 and is the first toy store founded in the United States. At the 5th avenue store you can find all kinds of toys, from the most classic and educational, to the most current and electronic toys. FAO Schwarz appeared in several TV shows and movies, such as “Big”, the movie where Tom Hanks plays the scene in the floor piano that is available at the 2nd floor of the store.

American Girl Place

609 5th Ave, New York, NY 10017
The American Girl Place is located at 5th avenue and is the main store of the American Girl dolls. Here children can create their own doll, as well as find items such as clothes, furniture, books, gifts and videogames.

Nintendo World

10 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY, 10020
Nintendo is one of the most popular video games brand. Here you can find several items, from the Nintendo system to the Wii console, as well as several games and accessories.

New York New York

There are many places in the world that I still want to get to know, but New York will allways be my favorite city.
Once you arrive NYC, you will find several places worth visiting. However, there are some of them that I simply love, such as Times Square, Empire State Building and the Brooklyn Bridge.
By foot, train, subway or bus, New York is definitely a place that you should not miss.
Despite all the places it is recommended you visit in New York city, here are some of the best places I fell in love when in NYC.

Visiting New York City

If you are visiting NYC for the first time, the one thing you will notice is the incredible energy this city has. I recommend you to walk around the city and feel the sounds, smells, movement and energy this amazing city has to offer. by doing so you will be able to enjoy the constant and fluid movement of NYC.
As New York is an huge city, walking around all the island may not be entirely possible. I recommended you travel at the NYC subway that will allow you to rest your feet, as well as find out additional surprises, such as line changes during the path or unintelligible communications. This is something you don’t want to miss!
Tourisitc attractions in New York

Touristic attractions you don’t want to miss

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge by foot is mandatory. This exciting walk will allow you to enjoy the amazing view over Manhattan’s skyline and will result in great pictures and memories of your travel.
Times Square is another place you don’t want to miss. The bright light during the day or night, the movement of the streets, the dimension of the stores and restaurants and the huge amount of vendors and show announcers are an inspiration.
Buy a ticket for a Broadway show and enjoy one of the many musicals you can find at this city.
By day or night, New York is a place you don’t want to miss. Visit us and have great fun.

Toys R Us Times Square – a toy store in New York

Toys R Us is one of the biggest toy stores at New York and is located in Times Square.
With more than one floor, it is exactly at the 2nd floor where you can have a closer view of the booths the giant wheel has to offer inside the store. This is one of the favorite places for people to take the pictures that will allow them to remember this visit.

Toys R Us – the biggest toy store in Times Square

At this touristic attraction you can find toys, videogames, gear for babies and the last updates for children.
At the center of the store the giant wheel is 18 meters high and can be seen at all floors.
Toys R Us in Times Square NYC
Another attraction that can be found at Toys R Us is the Tyrannosaurus Rex that roars when you least expect. There is also a Barbie doll’s house that has two floors, where you can find an huge variety of items.
At this toy store you can also find replicas made of LEGO: famous buildings, Statue of Liberty, New York Yankees cap.

As this store is located at one of the most famous touristic attractions in the entire world, expect this to be a bustling place.

Beyoncé Valentine’s Underwear

Beyoncé has decided do celebrate Valentine’s Day in a different way. The world known singer launched a collection of underwear for man and woman that have the text “Yours, Mine” and “Mine, Mine” in BOLD letters.

The pair of underwear can be customized at the website and delivered all over the world.


Red at New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is out there!

This year, the most amazing and desired fashion show has brought us a new color palette. Red is one of the best choices for New Yorkers to use during Winter.
This color can be noticed in several fashion shows, either in full look, in some strategic clothes or in accessories.
Red at NYFW
For the full red look, a strong personality can and will help. However, if want to play safe, you can use and overwhelming look by using specific and detailed clothes or accessories with this color.
Some of the designers that already impressed with red are Marissa Webb, Tome, Tadashi Shoji e Mark and Estel.

Multiply gift baskets order

If you like to place multiplay gift baskets order (sending gift baskets to more than 1 address),please call us at 416 421 7437, to be sure about availability, and shipping charges, which could be very different, than our flat shipping charge we are charging for individual orders (usually $15).
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Best Sellers Gift Baskets Toronto

get well baskets in Toronto

Best seling gift baskets in Toronto

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Chocolate gift baskets


Chocolates gift baskets for any occasions

Buy a chocolate gift hamper and make somebody smile today! CLICK HERE TO BUY
Types of Occasions you Can Gift Chocolate Baskets For
There is nobody in the world that doesn’t love chocolates except perhaps for diabetics and supermodels! Chocolates have had the entire human population in their sweet grip ever since they were invented. Nowadays chocolates come in exquisitely designed baskets with beautiful combinations and pretty decorations. These hampers are perfect for gifts and suited to all occasions. When you cannot think of anything to gift then gift chocolates and you are sure to bring a smile to the most sombre of faces. Here is a list of occasions chocolate gift baskets are perfect for.
Sweet Birthdays
From a nine year old kid to a ninety year old grandmother nobody is immune to the charms of chocolate. Birthdays are always occasions of fun and celebrations and sweet chocolates are the perfect gift on such days. Suppose you are invited to a friend’s birthday party and you really don’t know what to gift him or her as you are not particularly aware of his or her preferences. Rather than buying something which the person will really like and subsequently never use, try gifting a box or hamper of premium chocolates. Chocolates are perfect gifts as they are so widely appreciated and loved.
Tender Anniversaries
An anniversary is a celebration of love between two individuals. Whether you are buying an anniversary gift for your husband or wife or simply another couple, chocolates is the perfect option. Your partner or friends will be thrilled to receive a delightful chocolate hampers and they are going to thank you for the bottom of your heart. There are so many varieties of chocolates to choose from; bitter sweet, coffee, liqueur, dark, and white, nut infused or simply gloriously plain that you will b spoilt for choice.
Chocolates are also known as powerful mood enhancers and aphrodisiacs so you can imagine the advantages of giving your partner lovely chocolate gift baskets. In fact, be wise and present chocolates whenever you want your partner to be in a very good mood.
Graduation nights
When your son or daughter or a dear relative graduates it’s time for celebrations. Chocolates are traditionally known as gifts that delight the receiver and give them a mark of love and honour. Presenting chocolate gift baskets or fine dark premium chocolates wrapped up in a special message will surely make the graduation girl or guy feel on top of the world.
Weddings and engagements
Weddings are lifetime promises which are sealed with a kiss. What better gift to mark this sweet and sentimental occasion than beautifully designed chocolate gift baskets. Present the newly married couple with matching bride and groom chocolate apples and make them feel special. If you are getting marred then surprise your partner with a basket of exquisite goodies with a romantic message inside. Chocolate hamper designing companies have come up with so many creative and interesting ideas that you are sue to be spoilt for choice when you visit one of the stores. Buy a chocolate gift hamper and make somebody smile today!

Super Bowl 2014 Commercials you want see in Canada

So what our #giftbaskets has to do with this commercial. Nothing.
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Super Bowl commercial 2014

#superbowl #superbowlcommercial2014
Like every year, this years to you want be able to see some of the best commercial, aired in USA only (canada tv network will air only Canadian ads during super bowl 2014).
So what is in the store for super bowl 2014?
Well if you have , 4 milion US $ to pay for 30 second commercial, go for it. Simontea gift basket dont have that budget for this year so we will be absent. You have to pay bucks to make tv ad to, lets say 80k on average.
What you are going to get? If you are lucky that your commercial get some buzz, you will get some viral impact for free (could be huge ) but only few will get them.
We will show you here some 2014 Super Bowl commercial
Sorry Cocke and Pepsi
David Beckham #covered or #undocevered
Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial
VW Super Bowl ad 2014
Pepsi commercial 2014
If you want to check out 50 best ever Super Bowl commercial click here
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Starfish Jewelry Collection by Teramasu

This Video Features some of our Most popular peices from our Starfish Jewelry Collection
These are the perfect accessories for you next cruise or tropical vacation. Check it out!

Follow Your Heart for Valentine's Day

The Follow Heart Bracelet is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.
If you are looking for the Ideal gift for someone you love, the “Follow your Heart” jewelry is a wonderful choice not just because it is a beautiful Heart Locket bracelet in sterling silver, but because it shows that you are truly interested in showing them a path to fulfill their hopes and dreams. Below is a video showing the Follow Your Heart Bracelet.

Follow Your Heart
Write it Down… Make it Happen!
Choose a goal for one of these chapters of your life:

Live Abundantly
To Help you Achieve your most important goals in life.

Goal setting is your road map to success. To achieve the goals that are closest to your heart:
1.Find a quiet place.
2.Decide what you want to achieve in life.
3.Write down your Dreams and they become goals.
4.Put them in priority, the most important first.
5.Place them in your Follow Your Heart Locket.
6.Each day take some action toward your goal.
Believe in the power of your Dreams when you know in your heart what you want from life, anything and everything is possible. Believe in yourself and make it happen. Your motivational bracelet with your goals inside will become a reminder to… Follow Your Heart.
7.25 in toggle bracelet

A Mission to Inspire Women in a Meaningful Way

A Mission to Inspire Women in a Meaningful Way
Successful Entrepreneurs Terrie Moses and Sharon King, creators of the Follow Your Heart Sterling Silver Jewelry Locket, started with an idea and turned it into a mission. The purpose was to create a way to inspire women in a meaningful way.
Both Terrie and Sharon had businesses in the jewelry and accessories industries and both were big believers in motivation and empowering women. Having had success in business both knew the power and importance on not only having goals but specifically having written goals.
They wanted to come up with a way to teach women about goal setting to help them achieve their hopes and dreams. Given their back grounds it was second nature to incorporate what they knew about fashion and combine that with their knowledge of goal setting.  
GOALS + Jewelry = Follow Your Heart Jewelry
So they began the process of creating a piece of jewelry that could capture the essence of your inner most desires and your highest aspirations. It had to be a heart. It was all about what is inside of your heart.
Now the question became, how do you  incorporate goals into a piece of heart jewelry in a meaningful way? The answer was poetic “open your heart”. The heart had to open so it had to be a locket. The next question was material. It had to be something special if it would hold your hopes and dreams, something that would impart the special importance of what was to be carried in this precious heart. Sterling Silver was the metal chosen for its brilliance and elegance. It was decided that a link chain bracelet and necklace would be created. With a bracelet you could look down and see it on your wrist through out the day as a constant reminder of your goals. With the necklace you would see it and be reminded every time you looked into the mirror and your goals would always be close to your heart.
  A beautiful embroidered pouch was created to make this a special presentation when the Follow Your Heart Jewelry was given as a gift and as a special place to keep your jewelry when you were not wearing it. Inside the pouch were specific step by step instructions on how to set and write down your goals. Specific goals could be put inside the locket to keep them ever present and close to your heart.
The Follow Your Heart Jewelry was featured on the Today show on NBC and in US Weekly Magazine.

Instructions for Goal Setting from Follow Your Heart
Write it down…Make it Happen!
Business                   Spiritual                  Career             Adventure              Relationship
Educational              Health                    Wealth           
Set your Goals accomplish your Dreams and Live Life Abundantly!
Goal Setting is your road map to success. To achieve the goals that are closest to your heart:
  1. Find a quite place.
  2. Decide what you want to achieve in life.
  3. Write down your Dreams and they become Goals.
  4. Put them in Priority the most important first.
  5. Place them in your Follow Your Heart Locket.
  6. Each day take some action toward your Goal.
Believing in the power of your Dreams when you know what you want from life, anything and everything is possible. Believe in yourself and make it happen. Your motivational bracelet with your goals inside will become a reminder to …Follow Your Heart!
If you are looking for that spark, the Follow Your Heart Jewelry makes a perfect gift for yourself because you are worth it! It is a great gift for husbands to give to their wives to let them know that her dreams are important to him. It makes a special gift for Mothers and Fathers to give to their daughter to guide them on their path to success. It is also a great gift to give to your granddaughter a special memento she will never forget. Whether as a Valentine's Day gift, a Birthday gift, a graduation gift, a Christmas gift or an anniversary gift  Follow Your Heart Jewelry will always make a lasting impression.
Video Transcript: This is a preview of the Follow Your Heart Locket. It's a necklace made of sterling silver and it's a filigree on the front side, then a smooth silver on the backside. It can wear either way.

What's unique about the Follow Your Heart jewelry is it's motivational jewelry. It comes in this beautiful embroidered pouch right here. On the inside it's got a card that tells you how to set your goals so that you can achieve the dreams that are closest to your heart. It has them for all the different categories here; whether it's your business, your career, your
spiritual, your relationships,, it's all in here. It has step by step instructions on how to go through the process of setting your goals.

That is the Follow Your Heart necklace. It opens up. There's a little jeweler's clasp on the side so you can just pop that open and open up the locket. There it is right there. As you can see it's filigree on one side and solid on the other side.

So check out the Follow Your Heart Locket. It's available at Teramasu. You can check us out at It's the Follow Your Heart necklace