Friday, February 21, 2014


Speaking of jewelry, another thing I’ve been attracted to lately in the bauble-verse is the combination of metal and leather.
It can be a boring combination when designers don’t put any thought or bravery behind it, but when you take two special elements that are equally beautiful on their own and put them together – you’ve got magic.
Panacea Leather Chain Bracelet

This bracelet from Panacea caught my eye for its contrast. The combination of rugged leather and snaps mixed with an affluent amount of bright gold chains make me excited. You wouldn’t be able to tell if this was dressy with a toned-down edge or casual with a flashy side. By my logic, that means it can be used in both applications!
Panacea Bracelet
A little bit of tough mixed with a load of delicate, feminine, gold chains are perfect for any outfit that needs something interesting without swaying it in the badass or girly direction. This bracelet keeps your right in the middle. The middle of babeville.
Plus, this is at Last Call Neiman Marcus, so while it was originally $28, it is now far, far less than that.


More again with the midi skirts and midi dresses craze, I know. I can’t help it! When something so flattering and exciting comes around, it’s my civic duty as a blogger to obsess over it and post about it 4,000 times in a season. It’s extra okay for me since all the stuff I post is super affordable, right? So I get a pass on the “you post about midi things at least twice per week” thing, right?
Daily Deal: ASOS Short Sleeve Midi Dress
It wasn’t just the cut of these dresses that caught my eye, though… It was the colors. Obviously, black is super standard and will always have a place in my closet, but the burnt orange and the dark red are both beautifully autumnal shades that you don’t see too often on ladylike pieces.
Short sleeves also help to counteract the potential “dowdiness” of this cut, as the skirt is slightly fuller than your average pencil skirt. The more fitted top is just going to make everything look more tailored.


Occasionally, I give in and try a trend I never really warmed up to. I am a firm believer in second chances (but not necessarily thirds), and know from experience that 50% of clothes look entirely different than they do on the hanger once they’re on your body. In some cases, you may have seen the garment on a body, but on yours, it’s a completely new look!
Either way, the bottom line is this: trying one a piece of clothing is never a commitment, or even a declaration of approval. What’s the harm in trying? We’re all just playing dress up anyway, right?
I’ve been eying varsity & baseball style jackets for several months, not necessarily because I was attracted to them, but because I could tell that they were versatile enough to really become popular among a lot of different fashion genres. In fact, over the last several decades – it has.
Naturally, you associate letterman-style jackets with your high school football team and the people who used to beat up your friends at lunch. Prep life, jock-hood, and clean teens is immediately associated with the iconic varsity style.
There’s also a definite link between these jackets and hip hop artists/rappers spanning all the way from the 1980s to…well, last week on Wiz Khalifa, probably. Varsity style jackets are still totally relevant to hip hop culture, and you can see today it on tons of popular performers – though they’re mostly male.
I wanted a version of this jacket that would fit all of my wardrobe needs: versatile, comfortable,machine washable, affordable and interesting. It might sound like a lot to ask, but it’s worth it when you find the perfect specimen.
I'm Wearing: Varsity Jacket
This jacket, by American Giant, isn’t actually a jacket at all… It’s a sweatshirt. 
Instantly, the Heavyweight Snap-Front Sweatshirt (aka baseball jacket) has fulfilled my “comfortable” requirement. It’s 100% cotton, machine-washable, and – this part is extra serious - is probably the best-made sweatshirt I’ve ever touched in my life.
Every person who touches this “jacket” is immediately blown away with the heft and quality of the construction. You won’t believe it until you feel it, but this sweatshirt will probably last you for at least 10 years. I expect this one to, for sure.
This baseball jacket comes in three colors, and American Giant sent over the coral red for me to check out. I love great basics, as you know, and having a staple in a really exciting color is something that I suggest everyone do at least once. It makes the most boring and half-assed outfits seem intentionally understated, and who doesn’t love a little bit of illusion when they need it most?
Lindsay's Wearing: Varsity Jacket

Would you wear a baseball jacket?

What do you associate this style of jacket with the most?
American Giant will be debuting a very exciting version of the varsity jacket next week - I am definitely keeping my eyes peeled for that one! Multiple color combinations, stripes, and new colors… Yum!


Spring Espadrilles

Post image for Spring EspadrillesPin It
Spring is coming. It’s so close. These days, I want nothing more than to smell the freshly budding flowers that will soon emerge from the currently frozen ground.
And as I picture that frozen ground thawing out, as the sun heats that seemingly permanent blanket of snow up so quickly it can’t help but to melt away… my thoughts have me wandering across that warm ground in a beautiful, light pair of spring espadrilles.
Those gorgeously casual shoes with straw-like bottoms. To me, nothing says spring like a pair of espadrilles. I’ll wear them with adorable, printed mini dresses; sheer, flowing maxis; ankle skinnies, rolled up ever-so-slightly at the bottom… Just slide them on and forget they’re even on your feet… until you reach a fresh patch of grass and gracefully off they go. So easy. So simple.
Tan espadrilles
Black Free People espadrilles
Tan Free People espadrilles
Boot espadrilles
What will you wear your espadrilles with this spring?

Vintage Loves Is Back: Sheer Romance

Post image for Vintage Loves Is Back: Sheer RomancePin It
For our latest collection of Vintage Loves, Sheer Romance, our vintage buyer Ali traveled across the country, seeking rare, ultra-femme silhouettes in whimsical whites and soft blush tones. Carrying with them the stories of decades past, these pieces prove that no love is ever lost. While shooting one of our styling stories (Locals Only) last month on the west coast, we shot some of the collection on the stunning Mau sisters. With their timeless beauty and natural grace, these two beauties brought the romantic pieces to life on the beaches of Malibu.
vintage loves sheer romance
vintage loves sheer romance
vintage loves sheer romance
vintage loves sheer romance
vintage loves sheer romance
vintage loves sheer romance

Spring Wedding DIY: Floral Chair Garland

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The weather today is giving us a glimmer of hope that spring might just be on its way. And what’s one of the best parts about this beautiful season? Spring weddings, of course! 
I’m always on the lookout for ways to add hand-touched elements into wedding celebrations. It’s your day, and you want it to feel just like you — you want to feel at home as you celebrate the love you’ve created, and continue to create, with the one who shares your heart and soul. The idea of having personal touches that are not only your own ideas, but are also executed by yourself and the ones you love, seems to give extra life to such a beautiful event.
This floral garland is a lovely idea for the chairs that line the aisle you’ll walk down, as well as the chairs that will seat your guests during the reception. You can have it on every chair, or on just a few scattered throughout the room. I’ve always loved the idea of having an eclectic mix of antique chairs at a wedding reception, and this garland is such a perfect accessory for that. Be sure to acquire the flowers day-of, in order to prevent wilting — but get a bunch beforehand to practice your technique and get the garland looking exactly how you like it!
DIY wedding chair garland
Greens and flowers of your choice — I used peach lilies, seeded eucalyptus, and some tall grass; lightweight vines work beautifully as well
Floral wire
Natural string
Wire cutters
DIY wedding chair garland
1. Separate your greens into two bunches, and secure towards the bottom using floral wire.
DIY wedding chair garland
DIY wedding chair garland
2. Attach one bunch to the top of the back of your chair, horizontally, using string or wire. You may need to attach it in several spots in order to secure it.DIY wedding chair garland3. Attach the second bundle perpendicularly to the first, so that the stems meet in the top right corner of your chair. Cut off any excess stems that may extend past the corner of your chair.
DIY wedding chair garland4. Cut off the stems to your flowers (leaving only about an inch), and discard. Attach the flowers to your chair by sticking what’s left of the stem portion into the wires or strings that you used to attach the greens to the chair. Arrange the flowers in a way that they cover any visible wires or strings.
DIY wedding chair garland5. Tie a piece of string to each feather, then tie the end of each string around a few stems of your greens so that they hang wherever you’d like.
DIY wedding chair garland
DIY wedding chair garlandThat’s all there is to it! Repeat on every chair you’d like to decorate. :)
DIY wedding chair garlandWhich types of greens and flowers will you use for yours? Do tell!

Free People Models Off Duty

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It was a snowy, rainy, chilly week here in Philadelphia, and we’re lusting after spring. It was totally evident in the off-duty looks of our models this week that we are craving those first signs of the new season. Here’s what models Alena and Bonnie wore to work!
Cobalt blue Chanel bag
Alena gave a pop of color to her usual all-black look with a cobalt blue Chanel bag. Yes, girl. Spring is on its way. And how about that badass motorcycle jacket? I’d like one of those, please.
Free People model Bonnie
White Canon
Black coat, colorful shoes, rainbow camera strap
Bonnie’s a new model for us, and she’s such a sweetheart! She wore a casual, dark-colored outfit made interesting with some bright running shoes and an equally bright camera strap. Cameras are always the best accessories to carry around, don’t you think? You can follow Bonnie on Instagram 

Scenes From The Office

Post image for Scenes From The OfficePin It
Our intern took over the reins of the camera this week and got some awesome shots of the daily office happenings. Have a look below to get a peek inside Building 25!
Our building has done quite a bit of moving in the past couple weeks, so now the blog team sits underneath this huge skylight. It’s nice to be in room that’s naturally lit all day!
shadow inspiration wall
happy birthday sign
One of our graphic designers had a black cat birthday celebration this week.
shoes in studio
desk plants
free people wall
desk umbrellas
all of us in stripes
And a week is never complete unless you and your co-workers all coincidentally wear stripes on the same day!
Have a great weekend!


So…I found out what happened to the mysterious canvas stretch surplus pants I bought a couple weeks ago from James Perse: they’re at the outlet. For about 50% off. I’m pretty frustrated, to say the least, that I paid full price for them less than two weeks before they ended up on sale. But, James Perse doesn’t have “sales” and perhaps I should have known that they were a last season item, but I’ve never shopped a James Perse store before and I wasn’t familiar with their cycles. Now I am, and will try to be more aware of what I’m buying. I wish they’d do sales though, instead of ship items off to the outlet…
Luckily, I have some great contacts at the James Perse outlet store in San Marcos and they emailed me over the weekend to let me know about their President’s days sale (ends today) where markdowns are an extra 40% off. He also sent me the new February arrivals and lo and behold, there are my pants. So if you were looking for them, you’ll need to call the outlet and order them directly. I don’t think they’ll be final sale since they’re NOT an additional 40% off, but be sure to ask while you’re talking to an SA. For reference, mine are size 2, and while they’re a little snug at first, they DO stretch out quite a bit. If you want them to be very slouchy, like on the model, maybe size up. I wanted mine to be less slouchy, so I took my normal size.
There are lots of other great pieces on sale at the outlet, including the fleece skirt I posted a while ago, which is now $129, and a flared dress which is nearly identical to the new one I posted a few days ago (although I haven’t tried it on):
Screenshot 2014-02-17 08.39.40
Screenshot 2014-02-17 08.40.02
Some of the great markdowns (which will be an extra 40% off today):
Screenshot 2014-02-17 08.49.03
Screenshot 2014-02-17 08.49.13
Screenshot 2014-02-17 08.49.27
The pdfs are below of what’s on sale, you’ll have to click on them to download/view. The items that are marked in RED in the women’s markdowns pdf are an extra 40% off the price marked through today. The women’s FEBRUARY pdf are new outlet arrivals and they are NOT an extra 40% off, they are priced as marked.
Call the outlet (ask for Eric if he’s available, and tell them Grechen sent you) to order (they usually charge $10 to ship):
Tel 512 392 3671
Please leave a comment if you have any questions or problems viewing/downloading the pdf files. And let me know what you’re buying!! I haven’t decided what, if anything I’m getting, but I’ll probably get something…the prices are too good to pass up. And just FYI, the outlet does sales like this every holiday, but usually they’re just 30% off markdowns. Hopefully I’ll be able to continue to share this information with you.