Friday, February 21, 2014


So…I found out what happened to the mysterious canvas stretch surplus pants I bought a couple weeks ago from James Perse: they’re at the outlet. For about 50% off. I’m pretty frustrated, to say the least, that I paid full price for them less than two weeks before they ended up on sale. But, James Perse doesn’t have “sales” and perhaps I should have known that they were a last season item, but I’ve never shopped a James Perse store before and I wasn’t familiar with their cycles. Now I am, and will try to be more aware of what I’m buying. I wish they’d do sales though, instead of ship items off to the outlet…
Luckily, I have some great contacts at the James Perse outlet store in San Marcos and they emailed me over the weekend to let me know about their President’s days sale (ends today) where markdowns are an extra 40% off. He also sent me the new February arrivals and lo and behold, there are my pants. So if you were looking for them, you’ll need to call the outlet and order them directly. I don’t think they’ll be final sale since they’re NOT an additional 40% off, but be sure to ask while you’re talking to an SA. For reference, mine are size 2, and while they’re a little snug at first, they DO stretch out quite a bit. If you want them to be very slouchy, like on the model, maybe size up. I wanted mine to be less slouchy, so I took my normal size.
There are lots of other great pieces on sale at the outlet, including the fleece skirt I posted a while ago, which is now $129, and a flared dress which is nearly identical to the new one I posted a few days ago (although I haven’t tried it on):
Screenshot 2014-02-17 08.39.40
Screenshot 2014-02-17 08.40.02
Some of the great markdowns (which will be an extra 40% off today):
Screenshot 2014-02-17 08.49.03
Screenshot 2014-02-17 08.49.13
Screenshot 2014-02-17 08.49.27
The pdfs are below of what’s on sale, you’ll have to click on them to download/view. The items that are marked in RED in the women’s markdowns pdf are an extra 40% off the price marked through today. The women’s FEBRUARY pdf are new outlet arrivals and they are NOT an extra 40% off, they are priced as marked.
Call the outlet (ask for Eric if he’s available, and tell them Grechen sent you) to order (they usually charge $10 to ship):
Tel 512 392 3671
Please leave a comment if you have any questions or problems viewing/downloading the pdf files. And let me know what you’re buying!! I haven’t decided what, if anything I’m getting, but I’ll probably get something…the prices are too good to pass up. And just FYI, the outlet does sales like this every holiday, but usually they’re just 30% off markdowns. Hopefully I’ll be able to continue to share this information with you.

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