Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Showing my #DisneySide!

Show Your Disney Side
When my Disney Side @Home Celebration host box arrived on my doorstep, I practically screamed like a giddy little girl. And rightly so; the box was packed full of wonderful surprises and Disney goodness!
First out of the box, sheerly due to size, was a beautiful American Tourister suitcase!  It’s the perfect size, a 20″ Skate Spinner suitcase, for my son to pack his things for our next trip or to use as a family carry on. It handles easily and is super lightweight.
Next came all of the makings for a #DisneySide party. I invited over some moms and their kiddos to help us all get more in touch with our #DisneySide and we had such a blast. We played Disney Bingo and I used the HP Photo cards provided to make the Bingo prizes. The winners received a Starbucks gift card, which I was able to print during the party using the 2 Smiles service. 2 Smiles enables you to purchase and print a gift card from home. You can pick from many top brands including Starbucks, Amazon, AMC Theatres and more. HP has a #DisneySide collection too…which makes it easy to customize Disney-themed invites and cards.
Next came the Minnie Manicures which were a total hit. I bought red, black, white and silver nail polishes (about $3 each at Walmart). The tweens and teens LOVED doing nails. To make the details on the Minnie Ears, purchase a few small paintbrushes in the craft section at Walmart or at a Michaels. You can clean them with nail polish remover. If you want to splurge, you can buy “nail art” pens at a Sally’s Beauty Supply or similar store, but I found that the tiny paintbrushes work just as well and are cheaper.

Disney Side Manicure

Last, we decorated t-shirts. Hanes provided the t-shirts and fabric markers in the #DisneySide box. The kids loved decorating the shirts and it was such a fun activity. I’m attaching a photo of my favorite– a Mickey/Mamanista shirt. I can’t take credit for the shirt though! Grace ( made it for me.

Disney Side mamanista

My #DisneySide party was a smashing success and we are so pumped up for our next Disney vacation! You can make your own #DisneySide party with tips and ideas from

Win an HGTV Jessie Chair from SAHM Reviews

Jessie Chair Pinterest Flyer
Need the perfect accent chair for your house? I’m excited to be working with Nicole from SAHM Reviews and a group of fabulous co-hosts to give away an amazing prize! It’s an HGTV Home Furniture Jessie Chair that can be completely customized and retails for $1,099.99. The winner will be able to select fabric and finish of their choice at the time of ordering. Prize fulfillment and delivery will be handled by HGTV Home Furniture Collection or a participating retailer, based on the winner’s location. The giveaway is open to residents of the contiguous United States or Canada. The approximate retail value of the HGTV Jessie Chair is $1,099.99. To learn more about the giveaway (as well as giveaway rules), visit this post on SAHM Reviews.

HEALTHY ESSENTIALS and Neutrogena #Moms4JNJConsumer #Ad

Healthy Essentials LogoDisclosure: This post is part of the HEALTHY ESSENTIALS® 2014 program by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc. and The Motherhood, who sent me a box of products and compensated me for my time. Opinions, experiences and photos shared here are all my own, and I hope you enjoy them.
Last month, I talked about Johnson & Johnson’s HEALTHY ESSENTIALS program, and how they are offering fabulous tips, tools, and coupons to consumers. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, the HEALTHY ESSENTIALS website has deals and tips to help make it a great day.
One of the product lines being featured this month is NEUTROGENA. Although I’m most familiar with Neutrogena as a skin care line, my HEALTHY ESSENTIALS box included a few great cosmetics products from Neutrogena that are great for any date night – including one on Valentine’s Day. First is the NEUTROGENA® Healthy Volume® Mascara, which I’ve been using daily. It’s conditioning, but doesn’t smear or flake into my eyes (essential, because I wear contacts and my eyes are unfortunately prone to irritation). It’s lightweight, so I use one coat for daytime and two coats for a more dramatic look. The applicator makes it easy to apply lightly – with no clumps.
I also received samples of three NEUTROGENA® MoistureSmooth Color Sticks, and I love them. I do like wearing lip color, but generally wear only glosses during the day for a more natural look. These MoistureSmooth Color Sticks are so moisturizing that they feel like wearing lip balm instead of lip stick. The colors are also nice and sheer, so they are great for a very pretty subtle look.
Do you want to try some of these, or other NEUTROGENA cosmetics items?  You can get a printable coupon for $1 off any NEUTROGENA® Cosmetics product at Happy Valentine’s Day!

New Infinity X Infinity Collection Inspired by ABC’s Revenge

Infinity X Infinity
Disclosure: I received a sample from this collection at no cost. All opinions are my own.

It’s no surprise that I’m a fan of ABC’s hit show Revenge. I’ve been watching it since season one and it’s one of a few shows that I really want to watch live rather than later on DVR. So I’m loving Helzberg Diamond’s latest collection – INFINITY X INFINITY. Inspired by the INFINITY X INFINITY motto and symbol from the show (signifying I love you infinity times infinity), the collection was created by award-winning jewelry designer Udi Behr. It includes a jewelry box (which looks just like Emily’s infinity box in the show), rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and earrings. Items range in price from $49.99 to $1,299, so there’s something for everyone, regardless of budget.
I received the INFINITY X INFINITY Diamond Pendant in Sterling Silver, which features the a small diamond in the center of the double infinity symbol. It’s such a pretty necklace, a fabulous sentiment, and a great way to celebrate one of my favorite television shows. Other items in the collection are classic and pretty, including the gorgeous Infinity X Infinity garnet ring in sterling silver, and the Infinity X Infinity amethyst ring and pendant in sterling silver. While the whole collection features the symbol, there are a few pieces that incorporate it into another design, like the Infinity X Infinity diamond cross pendant in 10k gold.
Even if you aren’t a fan of Revenge, the sentiment behind the symbol – I love you infinity times infinity – is still meaningful. The collection is great for Valentine’s Day, anniversary, or birthday gifts. Most items can be purchased online or in the store.
To learn more about Helzberg Diamond’s INFINITY X INFINITY collection, visit their website or any of their social media sites:

Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturizer #sprayitforward

Disclosure: This sponsored post was written while participating in my partnership with Vaseline and One2One Network, but as always, all opinions are my own.

The winter completely reeks havoc on my skin. Between the cold air, the wind, and the forced hot air of our heating system, I can’t seem to stay hydrated enough. So, moisturizer is pretty essential for me during the months of November through March. I’m usually in a rush when I’m getting ready, and even putting on moisturizer and waiting for it to dry is an extra step that takes way too long. So, I was excited to try out the Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer, a continuous-spray lotion that absorbs and dries in seconds.
Vaseline makes three variations of Spray & Go Moisturizer – cocoa radiant, aloe fresh, and total moisture. I tried the total moisture, and I love it! It’s easy to use right out of the shower. After I towel dry, I just spray the lotion all over. It even works on an angle – something I wasn’t sure of before I tried it. Once it’s sprayed, I quickly rub it into the skin and it’s dry within seconds, sealing in the moisture from the shower. I haven’t had a problem with clogging either. It’s definitely my go-to moisturizer now – it’s so effective and easy to use.
If you’d like to try Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer, they are currently offering a great coupon for either the Vaseline® Spray & Go Moisturizer
or Vaseline® Men Spray Lotion – just click here to get the Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer coupon.  You’ll get $2 for you and $2 more when a friend signs up for the offer. You can #SprayItForward by sharing this offer with friends – it’s valid from 2/7/2004 through 3/9/2014, so there’s plenty of time to stock up this winter.

Shark Rocket Ultralight Review

Shark Rocket UltralightDisclosure: I received the Shark Rocket Ultralight at no cost for review. All opinions are my own.
With two kids, a dog, and a recently-departed cat, I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few years vacuuming. I’ve been a bit like Goldilocks when it comes to vacuums – larger ones work well but are difficult to maneuver, and smaller ones don’t have the power to do a great job on my floors and rugs. When I learned about the Shark Rocket Ultralight from my friend Jessica, it sounded like a great solution.
The Shark Rocket Ultralight comes with numerous attachments for crevices and upholstery, along with a carrying bag for the attachments. It can be hung up from the included hooks. One thing that surprised me (based on the size) is that this is not a cordless vacuum. But that seems to work well, because it does have a lot of power and is still very light weight and easy to maneuver.
My house has hardwood floors on the first floor and carpeting on both the basement floor and second floor, and the Shark Rocket Ultralight works equally well on both surfaces. It features a two-speed brush roll – I tend to use the highest speed for my vacuuming, but it’s nice to have the option.
Besides regular vacuuming, the Shark Rocket Ultralight is great for cleaning under furniture – it swivels around and gets into those hard-to-reach spots. You can also use the attachments for cleaning crevices and corners. I especially like using it on stairs – because it’s lightweight it is easy to carry. Our stairs always seem to get dirty and the Shark Rocket Ultralight is very effective in cleaning them quickly.
The Shark Rocket Ultralight also works upside down, which is effective for cleaning ceiling fans and other fixtures. It’s easy to remove the bottom part of the vacuum too.
To learn more about the Shark Rocket Ultralight Upright  and purchase, visit

A Few Goody Gumdrops Interviews Renowned Bridal Designer…Melissa Sweet

melissa sweet bridal
Yesterday, I had the pleasure of interviewing famed bridal designer, Melissa Sweet who has been dressing excited brides for years. Many of you may remember Melissa from her days as creative director at Priscilla of Boston. I had many questions to ask Melissa and with good reason…my son is getting married this June! I was particularly interested in her thoughts about the latest color trends in wedding gowns such as blush and champagne. Melissa shared some incredible advice! You’ll never guess the latest on-trend hemline, the price range of bridal gowns and what color is OKAY for the Mother-of-the-Groom to wear. (no gasps!!!) We know you’ll enjoy listening to Melissa’s bridal-fashion tips. To veil or not to veil??? You definitely won’t want to miss her advice…”A bride is not a bride til she has something on her head”. Be sure to take some great notes while viewing the video. To my future daughter-in-law…not to worry I won’t be wearing white even though Melissa said it’s OKAY!!!!!! (please note there is a slight feed delay to Melissa in the studio)

Giuseppe Zanotti Suede Backpack, Patent Leather Sandals, and Floral Embroidered Sneakers: Colorful Crazy Fun

Every fashionista knows that Giuseppe Zanotti creates quality products that are fun and effervescent. But are these colorful statement pieces – GZ’s Embroidered Suede Backpack, 20 mm Suede Floral Embroidered Sneakers, and 110 mm Metallic Patent Leather Sandals – worth the investment? How much is “fashion fun” really worth? These profound questions are a bit stultifying. So let’s put them on the back burner for now and just gawk at the specs!
 Embroidered Suede Backpack
Our first stop is the Embroidered Suede Backpack, an incandescent patchwork of floral patterns, diamonds, seashell inspired adornments, and other baroque elements. This Italian made backpack features gold-colored metal hardware, a two-way zip closure, an adjustable strap, and a front panel embroidered with all manner of shells, beads, and rhinestones in an eye-pleasing medley of colors. This bag is a little beam of sunshine captured in a nifty leather package.
 110 mm Metallic Patent Leather Sandals003_4d7b8fa0-b5ed-4c02-99b3-ebf45c9802bf
Next on the docket: GZ’s 110 mm Metallic Patent Leather Sandals. Italian made and designed from 100% calfskin, these sandals are sexy and then some. Multicolored metallic leather straps alternate with empty space, creating a visual ladder that leads from the toe up to the heel and on to the calf. These are serious heels, so “the faint of foot” should beware. The luscious day glow strap colors will draw attention to your lower half, so you better be prepared to strut your stuff when you wear these out to a cocktail party or fancy business event.
20 mm Suede Floral Embroidered Sneakers002_38aed91e-0a7e-4ad0-9598-64777f0fa21c
Last on the list, we have Giuseppe Zanotti’s 20 mm Suede Floral Embroidered Sneakers. These suede floral embroidered sneakers feature lots of cool floral embroidery and shell and bead appliqu├ęs, like the backpack does. If you’re worried that you’ll look like an anime character (with all the color and playful excitement), fear not. These sneakers aren’t just girlish treats: they are sexy (and appropriate) on older woman as well. Also 100% calfskin and Italian made!
Adding color floral elements and playfulness to your wardrobe can lift your spirits and help others see you in a new light. Explore these Giuseppe Zanotti fashion confections today and celebrate spring a few months early this year! Click the link to indulge!

A Shipping Solution for the Fashionista Who Wants Her Valentine’s Day Jewelry Yesterday!

As a woman with a high sense of fashion, you appreciate excellent service. In modern life — and in fashion, tragically, for whatever reason — it’s become almost downright unacceptable to admit to being demanding. Yes, anticipation can be a wonderful thing. And, sure, patience is a virtue. But since when did “instant-gratification” become a dirty word? What’s wrong with valuing your time? Why is it so wrong to want your fashion treats ASAP?
Exciting New Shipping Solution for Valentine’s Day Fashion Shoppers
Whether you just discovered a trove of fashion goodies to send to your mom, hubby, boyfriend, kiddies, or you stumbled upon a gorgeous 18-karat gold diamond letter necklace or a must-have set of Love You 18-karat gold rings to gift to yourself, Parcel2Go may be the ideal solution.This service can help you minimize shipping costs, protect your special fashion deliveries, and get your goodies faster. Read more about Parcel2Go’s superior services here.
3 Reasons to Ship Your Fashion Goodies Smarter
 1. Last minute Valentine’s Day shopping.
Perhaps you’re just swamped by work and Valentine’s Day dinner prep. You’re juggling last minute assignments for clients, making an elaborate heart-shaped Valentine’s Day cake, and coordinating dinner for a dozen-and-a-half close friends, half of whom are on some weird diet and the other half of whom are feuding. You don’t have time to slow down. Use Parcel2Go to get your fashion goodies delivered on time and at a good cost — by February 14th, not March 14th!
2. “Me time.”
You’ve worked hard all year, taking care of your family, doing good business, and deferring pleasure in favor of responsibility. You owe yourself some indulgences! Why NOT grab that gorgeous 18-karat gold diamond letter necklace, 18-karat gold Love You ring set, or designer bag you’ve been eyeing since the new year?
 3. Improve efficiency and save cash.
Modern fashionistas must be smart capitalists. Are you looking for a cheaper, more efficient, and more convenient way to ship goods and deliverables? Perhaps you run a small fashion business, and you need a better way to fulfill orders. Or maybe you’re a charitable person who loves sending out gifts, trinkets, and articles of whimsy to friends. In either case, Parcel2Go may be an ideal solution for you.
Valentine’s Day Shopping Does NOT Need to Be a Chore

Whatever Your Style…There’s an Ann Dexter Jones ID Bracelet Waiting For you!

We’ve been eyeing Ann Dexter-Jones’ brushed sterling silver curb-link ID bracelet featuring tiny round-cut sparkling white diamonds for a while. My daughter introduced me to ADJ’s collection a few years back and we’ve been collecting and blogging about them ever since! As I said to my hubby…it’s Valentine’s Day and this IS the perfect bracelet to grab for my already outstanding collection! (grab…as in special pricing right now on this bracelet so get quickly)
Over the past few years I’ve managed to score some fabulous ADJ pieces.The more bracelets you pair (on your arm) the better the look. They’re very different, very edgy rock ‘n’ roll and totally a fashion favorite among celebs and “me”. The only problem…takes a little longer getting ready for bed having to unhook the grouping.
This ID bracelet is different from the others as it features a stunning diamond design. It’s dressy but versatile enough to wear casually with leather leggings and a cashmere sweater. Ann’s signature ID bracelets are easy to wear and complete any look. The perfect “statement” accessory to compliment your wrist on any occasion. You can wear one, two or three or….MORE.
Nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day better than an ADJ bracelet with some real dazzle. The bracelet features an ADJ signature logo tab, an ID plate trimmed with tiny diamonds and an additional safety latch. No need hyperventilating and running to our favorite chi-chi department store just click right here to indulge. Her bracelets are pretty amazing and it’s never too late to start collecting. Buy one ADJ piece and begin pairing with your own silver bracelets

Vote: February Room Finalists

Love is in the air! We like to wear our hearts on our sleeves when it comes to showing our excitement and enthusiasm for your hard work, and this month there’s so much to love in the gallery. The rooms were designed with incredible creative energy and style, and it’s never been harder to narrow our favorites down to just six. Please take a moment to check out our fabulous February room finalists. Vote for the one you love the most, and the winner will receive a $50 Visa gift card, courtesy of Project Nursery.
Modern Navy and Gray Twin Nursery - Project Nursery
Navy, Gray and Orange Twin Boys Nursery by babyk311
Melisa, of Project Nursery, says, While I don’t have twin boys, I do have two little guys who shared a room in our NYC apartment for a long time. I so appreciate the modern and clean look of this room because that’s not easy to achieve. With the pop of orange in the artwork, this space is chic beyond words.

Sophisticated Nursery with Colorful Abstract Painting - Project Nursery
Mary Alice’s Sophisticated Nursery by jpriceMelanie, of Style Scout, says, I love this modern take on a pink and green room. The artwork above the crib is the perfect centerpiece for the room!

Classic Gray Gender Neutral Nursery - Project Nursery
Classic and Soothing Nursery with a Touch of Vintage by projectbambinoKaty, of Caden Lane, says, “I’m usually not a fan of oak-colored wood, but I can’t stop drooling over this gorgeous nursery! Such a perfect example of gender-neutral design!”

Tween Bedroom with Turquoise Striped Ceiling - Project Nursery
A Turquoise Tween Bedroom by honeyandfitzPam, of Project Nursery, says, I did a big girl room makeover this past summer for my daughter and went with stripes on the ceiling, so I love seeing examples of this trend in other room designs. Turquoise is such a pretty color, and when mixed with pops of yellow, the overall effect is fresh and fabulous!

Feminine Pink and White Nursery - Project Nursery
Fun and Feminine Nursery by Emerson Grey DesignsKaty, of Caden Lane, says, “I love all the wallpaper accent walls showing up in the project gallery! This is such a lovely shade of pink, and the pops of gold add a trendy touch!”

Hollywood Glam Nursery with Turquoise and Gold Wallpaper - Project Nursery
Hollywood Glam Nursery by Shalena Smith InteriorsSabrina, of Project Nursery, says, I love it when designers take risks with their choices, and with the bold wallpaper and gold accents, this room is a great example of risk-taking that paid off. It’s great that the inspiration came from a celebrity nursery, but the designer was able to achieve a similar look on a budget. It’s glamour at its finest.

Now it’s up to you to tell us which room is your favorite! Vote below, and comment if you can because we’d love to hear why your pick got your vote. Voting ends on February 28th at 11:55pm PST, and the winners of best room and party will be revealed on March 3rd. Winners will receive a $50 Visa gift card from Project Nursery. Good luck!
You may only vote once in a 24-hour period.
Vote for Your Favorite "Project of the Month:"

Readers’ Favorite: Aelya’s Winter ONEderland Party

Baby, it’s cold outside! To fight those winter blues, take a peek at this lovely Winter ONEderland party, and you’ll immediately feel warm and happy. The pretty pastel cupcakes and the gorgeous sweets table really brought the theme to life. This party is pure magic, and it’s no wonder it was voted this week’s readers’ favorite!
Snowflake Cupcake Toppers - Project Nursery
Winter ONEderland Party Dessert Table - Project Nursery
Winter ONEderland Party Dessert Table - Project Nursery
Want to be one of our Rooms and Parties We Love? Upload your project to our gallery, and on Friday, the Project Nursery team will select the top projects. Then it’s up to you all to let us know which room or party you “like” best.

Room Tour: Presley’s Dream Room

Let us know what you think of Presley’s Dream Room in the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. We look forward to bringing you new content every week.
Upload your projects to and who knows? We might feature you on our blog or in our videos!
Thanks for watching!


Vote: February Party Finalists

Anyone who has ever hosted a party knows how much time and effort goes into the planning process. The parties in the gallery this month featured creative themes, vibrant colors, stunning decor and more! After much consideration, we narrowed it down to our six February party finalists, and now it’s up to you all to decide which one will be the next Party of the Month. Please vote below for your favorite, and the winner will receive a $50 Visa gift card, courtesy of Project Nursery.
Swimsuits and Snowballs Birthday Party - Project Nursery
Swimsuits and Snowballs Birthday Party by leahashleyokcSabrina, of Project Nursery, says, “I love the mixture of winter and summer in one party. It is eclectic and fun, and even though it may be winter outside, there is no reason not to happily splash around in an indoor pool. It looks like there was a great snowball fight once everyone changed out of their swimsuits!”

Science-Themed Gender Reveal Party - Project Nursery
Science-Themed Gender Reveal by the1sthundredPam, of Project Nursery, says, “We see lots of clever and interesting gender reveal parties, but we’ve never seen one quite like this before. Who would have guessed that science could be so much fun? I love how it was incorporated into a super cool and elaborate theme to unveil the baby’s gender. And the details that went into this party—like the printables, games and costumes—were so thoughtful. It’s a perfect formula!”

Cartoon-Themed Birthday Party Decor - Project Nursery
Daniel’s Cartoon-Themed First Birthday Party by NatalieKristin, of Project Nursery, says, “This party takes colorful balloons to a whole new level. There must have been so many happy little smiles as the kids walked into this room—I’m guessing they felt like they jumped into a cartoon!”

Tiered Cupcake Display - Project Nursery
A Colorful and Glam Baby Shower by Kim KellerMelanie, of Style Scout, says, “The headband-making bar is a precious idea! What a feminine and sweet party.”

Red Striped Treat Cups - Project Nursery
Zane’s Winter ONEderland First Birthday by worleyhouseBeth, of Project Nursery, says, For a place that doesn’t traditionally get frigid, snowy weather, why not use your imagination? I love the snowflake cake, and the DIY details are so creative and budget-friendly. This is a winter wonderland come true!”

Ties or Tutus Gender Reveal Cake - Project Nursery
Ties or Tutus Gender Reveal Party by LAURA’S little PARTYMelisa, of Project Nursery, says, “Ties or tutus is an adorable way to position and title a gender reveal party, and the way the sweets table reflects this theme is perfection. The gray and yellow colors are lovely together, but those fondant cupcake toppers and the cake…well, they take the cake, no pun intended!”

Now it’s up to you to tell us which of these amazing parties is your favorite! Vote below, and please leave a comment because we’d love to hear why your pick got your vote. Voting ends on February 28th at 11:55pm PST, and the winners of best room and party will be revealed on March 3rd. Winners will receive a $50 Visa gift card from Project Nursery. Good luck!
Vote for Your Favorite "Party of the Month:"