Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Shipping Solution for the Fashionista Who Wants Her Valentine’s Day Jewelry Yesterday!

As a woman with a high sense of fashion, you appreciate excellent service. In modern life — and in fashion, tragically, for whatever reason — it’s become almost downright unacceptable to admit to being demanding. Yes, anticipation can be a wonderful thing. And, sure, patience is a virtue. But since when did “instant-gratification” become a dirty word? What’s wrong with valuing your time? Why is it so wrong to want your fashion treats ASAP?
Exciting New Shipping Solution for Valentine’s Day Fashion Shoppers
Whether you just discovered a trove of fashion goodies to send to your mom, hubby, boyfriend, kiddies, or you stumbled upon a gorgeous 18-karat gold diamond letter necklace or a must-have set of Love You 18-karat gold rings to gift to yourself, Parcel2Go may be the ideal solution.This service can help you minimize shipping costs, protect your special fashion deliveries, and get your goodies faster. Read more about Parcel2Go’s superior services here.
3 Reasons to Ship Your Fashion Goodies Smarter
 1. Last minute Valentine’s Day shopping.
Perhaps you’re just swamped by work and Valentine’s Day dinner prep. You’re juggling last minute assignments for clients, making an elaborate heart-shaped Valentine’s Day cake, and coordinating dinner for a dozen-and-a-half close friends, half of whom are on some weird diet and the other half of whom are feuding. You don’t have time to slow down. Use Parcel2Go to get your fashion goodies delivered on time and at a good cost — by February 14th, not March 14th!
2. “Me time.”
You’ve worked hard all year, taking care of your family, doing good business, and deferring pleasure in favor of responsibility. You owe yourself some indulgences! Why NOT grab that gorgeous 18-karat gold diamond letter necklace, 18-karat gold Love You ring set, or designer bag you’ve been eyeing since the new year?
 3. Improve efficiency and save cash.
Modern fashionistas must be smart capitalists. Are you looking for a cheaper, more efficient, and more convenient way to ship goods and deliverables? Perhaps you run a small fashion business, and you need a better way to fulfill orders. Or maybe you’re a charitable person who loves sending out gifts, trinkets, and articles of whimsy to friends. In either case, Parcel2Go may be an ideal solution for you.
Valentine’s Day Shopping Does NOT Need to Be a Chore

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