Friday, February 21, 2014


Speaking of jewelry, another thing I’ve been attracted to lately in the bauble-verse is the combination of metal and leather.
It can be a boring combination when designers don’t put any thought or bravery behind it, but when you take two special elements that are equally beautiful on their own and put them together – you’ve got magic.
Panacea Leather Chain Bracelet

This bracelet from Panacea caught my eye for its contrast. The combination of rugged leather and snaps mixed with an affluent amount of bright gold chains make me excited. You wouldn’t be able to tell if this was dressy with a toned-down edge or casual with a flashy side. By my logic, that means it can be used in both applications!
Panacea Bracelet
A little bit of tough mixed with a load of delicate, feminine, gold chains are perfect for any outfit that needs something interesting without swaying it in the badass or girly direction. This bracelet keeps your right in the middle. The middle of babeville.
Plus, this is at Last Call Neiman Marcus, so while it was originally $28, it is now far, far less than that.

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