Saturday, February 15, 2014

CmdStan and RStan v2.2.0

The Stan Development Team is happy to announce CmdStan and RStan v2.2.0.
PyStan will follow shortly.
This is a minor release with a mix of bug fixes and features. For a full list of changes, please see the v2.2.0 milestone on stan-dev/stan’s issue tracker. Some of the bug fixes and issues are listed below.
Bug Fixes
  • increment_log_prob is now vectorized and compiles with vector arguments
  • multinomial random number generator used the wrong size for the return value
  • fixed memory leaks in auto-diff implementation
  • variables can start with the prefix ‘inf’
  • fixed parameter output order for arrays when using optimization
  • RStan compatibility issue with latest Rcpp 0.11.0
  • suppress command line output with refresh <= 0
  • added 1 to treedepth to match usual definition of treedepth
  • added distance, squared_distance, diag_pre_multiply, diag_pre_multiply to Stan modeling lnaguage
  • added a ‘fixed_param’ sampler for use with the generated quantities block
For more information and download links, visit Stan’s webpage:

– Stan Development Team

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