Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Benefits of Running Outdoors

The Benefits of Running Outdoors photo Pocketchange
Running is one of the best forms of exercise. It doesn’t require any equipment at all except for some great running shoes and a little motivation to get up and start. People who want to get into running think that it is something one can easily start but cannot keep up. Picking the best time of day can be an issue for some since the body temperature and agility is huge factor in completing a good run. Apart from the apparent benefits of running such as getting healthy and fit, running can soothe the mind, the heart and soul as well. But where is the best place to run? While the allure of the treadmill in the gym or your living room is obvious, there are benefits of exercising outdoors that can’t be replicated on a treadmill or a recumbent bicycle.
While running on a treadmill can have some unique advantages, it can also be harmful to your long-term development as a runner as it locks the runner into a target pace. This method doesn’t teach you how to properly find and maintain pace on your own. This results to stunted development of your internal effort and pacing instincts.
For majority of runners, treadmills are boring. Checking the clock and gauge can discourage any runner from going a real distance unlike when running outdoors, enjoying nature, the view of the city, or the park, time passes by quickly and before you know it, the run is over and you’ve worked out more than you expected you would. Running outside boosts mental health, reduces stress levels and alleviates depression. As you tread on the ground, your body somehow connects with the earth and gives a positive psychological effect over the control you have over your body. Seeing a majestic view can give the runner a sense of calm and empowerment.
You stride differently when you run outdoors because essentially people flex their ankles more when they run outside. Since outdoor exercise tends to be more strenuous than indoor ones, outdoor runners expend more energy to cover the target distance. They also run against the wind at times and experience change in terrain which helps train their balance and endurance.
Perhaps there are still many unfounded benefits that only a runner himself can discover, but one can never know until he takes his next sweat session outside. So, take your shoes for a run and see how you might just get something good out of it!

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