Monday, March 3, 2014

Five (5) Basic Reasons To Homeownership

Owning a home is one of the biggest financial decisions anyone can make. The weight of deciding whether to buy or not to buy creates a greater impact especially on first-time homebuyers.

Why Purchase A Home

While it is generally a dream-come-true to majority of the population, some consider this disadvantageous. This is especially true if you’re the type of person who travels a lot and moves often enough from one city to another in the course of your job.
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Learn the benefits of homeownership. See if it’s a suitable option for you and your family.

1.       Basic necessity of man. You cannot survive without shelter. Everyone needs someplace to stay in somewhere, where you can rest your body everyday and be protected from the natural elements like the sun and rain and phenomenon like typhoons and earthquakes. Needless to say, it is a human need.

2.       To have a place you can call your own. Owning a property represents stability and security. This is all yours. This is where your heart is. You can do whatever you want with it without worrying about anybody’s criticism. You can have the privacy you crave so much, you can paint the room, add a furniture or fixture or install a garden at the backyard. In short, you can do whatever you please to make it personalized according to your taste.

3.       To be part of the community. This is where you can settle down, plant your roots and start a family. This is where you can get involved with the rest of the people, become a member of the society, practice your right to vote, join clubs and many more.

4.       More affordable than renting. First off, it’s getting quite easy to acquire a loan and purchase a house these days. The government has several housing programs for everybody who’s looking to build their first residence. For instance, the Pag-ibig Fund offers rich variety of solutions for Filipino migrants working overseas which make it faster for OFWs to shop for various house and lot for sale all over the Philippines. Second, the cost of rentals is forever rising. Instead of allotting your hard-earned money for rent, why not use that as a capital for a new home.

5.       Makes good investment. Acquire a property and you invest in your future. Real estate rarely depreciates. You can always sell the land and get its monetary worth should you decide to move elsewhere in the future.

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