Wednesday, March 12, 2014

From the Forum: How do you start wearing a hair system?

Image of cue ballRecently one of our community members wrote apost on our forums about transitioning into wearing hair. Just exactly how are you expected to be thinning one day (or as he put it, bald as a cue ball), and then walk into work the following day with a full head of hair?

Get support

At HD, we always recommend being open about the fact that you wear hair. Now I'm not saying you should climb to the top of the nearest mountain and yell it from the top of your lungs, and I would never expect you to tell someone upon first meeting them either! However, it can ease your anxiety to let a few close friends and family in on your secret. We're really trying to erase the stigma that comes with wearing hair, and in my opinion, it should be viewed no differently than getting highlights or extensions. With any transition in life, having a support system makes it so much easier! 

Go bold

With that being said, we would never want you to do something that you just aren't comfortable with. Whether you choose to tell a few friends and family or keep it a secret from everyone, the easiest way to make the transition into wearing a system less noticeable is by creating a distraction--doing something to draw the eye away from your hair. Here are some things clients have done in the past that have worked successfully for them:
  • Try styling your hair differently for a few weeks prior to attaching your system. If you normally part your hair, have the system made with that part. Try brushing it forward or spiking it all up for a few weeks prior to receiving and attaching the unit.
  • If your hair is longer, wear a pony tail for a little while prior to receiving the system. When you get the system, wear the hair down.
  • Fellas...grow a beard!  Now I'm not just saying that because I love a little scruff. Grow a beard (or any facial hair) and then shave it the same day that you do your attachment. If you currently have a beard, again, shave it the day that you do your attachment. People will be so surprised by the fact that all of that hair is gone, that they won't even notice that you have more hair on the top of your head! This is a tip from our Community members that seems to work like a charm time and time again!
  • If you normally wear contacts, wear your glasses while you transition into wearing a system, or vice versa.
Again, the trick is just to do something different. That way, people will look at you and know that something is different, but they just won't be able put their finger on what it is! 

Pace yourself

Another thing to keep in mind is to just not try and do too much, too soon. Unless you are comfortable telling people about your system, start with a light density. Starting with your ideal hair density, or the density that you had before your hair started thinning, will really raise some red flags. Go with something just slightly heavier than your growing hair; maybe start with one step up from your current density. With each system, gradually go a bit thicker. Just increase the density in small steps, until you get to your ideal density.
If your hairline is significantly recessed, start with a system that is a bit smaller in length than your ideal. You can gradually lower their hairline in increments of a quarter of an inch or so, until you have the hairline positioned where you want. Did you know you could do that?
Any transition can be difficult, or even scary. I promise you that wearing hair does get easier over time, but hopefully these tips and tricks can help ease that initial nervousness that everyone will feel prior to attaching their first system.
If you have any questions or tricks for our readers, post them below. We love to help andlearn!

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