Wednesday, March 12, 2014

How to Design a Natural Front Hairline

The quest for a natural front hairline is probably the most commonly talked about subject amongst hair wearers. And why wouldn't it be? After all, if it doesn't look natural...what's the point? Well, the point is everyone has their own opinion as to what "looks natural" for them. So how do you go about designing your most natural front hairline?

Recession isn't always a bad word

One of the most important things to decide on is the amount of recession that is age appropriate for you, or the amount of recession that you're comfortable with. Everyone has what we call "recession"--that goes for men and women. All that means is that no one has a straight line of hair across their front hairline. When we think of recession it might conjure up images of that drastic "V" appearance, but that's an extreme example.
Typical hairline recession is a softening of the hairline and the shape it creates. If you're not really sure how to choose the best amount of recession then you can certainly ask for a set of "frontal guides" to be sent to you, or they come in our custom fitting kit. Each frontal guide is a different hairline shape. To determine which one is right for you, simply place each one directly against where you want your hairline to begin. You will be able to see how that particular hairline shape would look on you. Then, choose the best one, and we'll make the front of your hair system to match that shape.

Go high def

Let's face it, no one, not even those with naturally thick hair have a dense line of hair at their front hairline. There is a natural transition starting with finer hairs that graduate to a fuller density. This can be replicated on a full lace or lace front system with our "high definition hairline" design. In a high def hairline, the hairs are individually knotted in to the lace material to mimic a naturally growing hairline. After the hair has been knotted into the base material, the knots can be bleached to lighten their appearance, giving an even more natural appearance.

Lace for the base

There are lots of different types of base materials but for the most natural front appearance, you'll want to use lace. There are different types of lace, and for those who can afford it, disposable lace will give you the best appearance. That said, it is, well...disposable, so they don't last very long. For something more durable, go with Hollywood (Swiss) lace, and you get a totally natural appearance with that too, but it will last a little longer.

Stay true with glue

To keep this hairline looking the most natural during your attachment, you would want to use a liquid adhesive (glue). The choice of liquid adhesive is really up to you and the amount of bonding time that you want to achieve. Any liquid adhesive can be used with lace-based materials, you just need to make sure that it is dry before pressing the lace into it. Using a liquid adhesive allows you to bond the lace as close to your scalp as possible, giving you a very natural front hairline appearance. And who wouldn't want that?
Listen, the point of wearing a hair system is to first and foremost cover any balding/thinning area. But, the very next point of importance should be achieving the most natural front hairline appearance that you possibly can. Everyone is unique and different, but I think it's pretty safe to say that all hair wearers want their hair to look natural.
I know that there have to be questions or comments that you have on this subject, so fire away! Let me know what you have to add. Post your comments below so we can all benefit.
Until Next Time...Happy Hair Days!

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