Friday, March 14, 2014

Join Our Contest: Win An Exclusive Ticket to TEDxFlanders in Antwerp March 26th

TEDxFlanders, on March 26th, is definitely a can’t-miss event and “spa for your brain” to break up your busy schedule. All over the world, people love watchingTED Talks and enjoy picking each other’s brains on some of the most talked about subjects in the world, or as TED likes to call it ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’.
Join our ticket giveaway and submit one, funny catch-phrase that sums up the year of 2013 in social. We’re only handing out 10 exclusive tickets, and each winner will be given one. You can read all about it in our terms and conditions.
TEDxFlanders, Belgium’s main TEDx event, is being hosted this year at the monumental Stadsschouwburg in Antwerp. This full day event will includespeakers from all over the world, including a dance performance by choreographer Isabelle Schad and musical intermissions by the Belgian group Zap Mama.
Hans Smellinckx, co-organiser of TEDxFlanders, believes this full day event will not only provide you with new business perspectives, but also allows you to look at life differently:
Experiencing a full day of TED is something else. You not only get a huge amount of positive energy, but also a mirror on your own life.
TEDxFlanders gets ‘Naked’
tedx naked
This year’s edition of TEDxFlanders gets ‘Naked’ by taking a look at how we can face this crazy, wonderful world “without bullshit or pretense and fake social media personas”. TEDx Flanders is planning to strip down the barriers we’ve created for ourselves and draw inspiration from the people on stage who will share their unstripped opinions on the world.
Want to participate and win an exclusive ticketJust join our contest!
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