Saturday, March 1, 2014

Save Money While Selling Your Home After the Holidays

Are you thinking about putting your home on the market after the holidays? Real estate  expert, Monte Mohr, is here to explain how you can reduce your costs and still get great service.
Martha in Nashville wrote in and said…
“I’m a widow, and I need to sell my large home to downsize. Would your We Sell Homes for Free Programwork if I’m selling a $500,000 home and buying a $100,000 home? Or, do I have to buy an equal or greater valued home?”
That’s a really great question; a lot of people may be wondering this because a lot of baby boomers are trying to downsize. It doesn’t matter if she’s selling a million dollar home and buying a $50,000 home, she still gets the same high quality service, along with the marketing power that goes along with the We Sell Homes for Free Program. So bottom line – it does not matter.
Another question came in from Ben and Kristy in Franklin. They asked…
“We are putting our home on the market right after Christmas and love the idea of saving 3% when selling, but we do not know anything about selling a home. Is your program just another ‘discount’ program, where we have to do everything ourselves? We need the savings, but we also need a professional to help us through the process!”
I really appreciate that question because there are discount efforts out there that kind of leave you on your own. They put you in the MLS but kind of leave you on your own. Our program is different; ours is a full service effort. A one thousand percent full service effort. Now, when I first started, it was me, myself, and I, and I had a part-time assistant. But now, when people hire us, they’re getting 10 full-time specialists in those arenas. We’ve got three excellent buyer specialists. They’re just- all they do is help people negotiate homes. We’ve got two amazing administrative ladies. I love them. They’re both excellent. They make sure you get to the finish line properly. We have a sales expert. We have a full-time appointment setter. And, one of my favorite people, of course, is my marketing guru here, Nathan. I mean, he does an amazing job. He truly does; he studies marketing all the time. And, my all-time favorite, of course, whom I married recently, is my Operations Manager, Connie. Connie – I love you!
She does an awesome job, as well, overseeing the whole picture. So, not only are we doing all this for free, but you get 10 specialists in that whole process, and we have an easy-out agreement. So we’re going to go work for you for free, and you can fire us at any time.  There’s no catch, no smoke or mirrors.
Happy Customer of the Week
Karleen from Franklin said, “I saved $8,800 by using Monte and his We Sell Homes for Free Program. I am so glad my daughter saw him on Channel 4!”
And we are too!
For more info on buying or selling a home in today’s market, give Monte and The Mohr Group a call at 615-376-4500. You can also call Monte directly at 615-300-8393. You can find them online at 

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