Monday, April 14, 2014

Chèvre, Asparagus, Peas, Arugula

Luckily, I have a Country Boy, who has taught me many things:
- Usually in French apartments, all of the plumbing is connected, so if the sink is blocked, you can cover all the other drains with wet sponges and plunge it.
- If you don’t like the answer you’ve gotten from a French fonctionnaire, it’s OK to stomp around and yell a little bit, but it goes over better when you’re “French since Charlemagne.”
- Cheese has seasons.
- Goat cheese is better when you pet the baby goats first.

These pictures are from last year, but last weekend, TCB and I returned to the farm near his parents’ house where they sell fresh goat’s cheese. We always make a stop in the goat nursery first to pet the baby goats.
Baby animals are very exciting for me. TCB says he doesn’t get how I can get so excited about baby animals. I tell him that I don’t see how he can get so excited about taxis.
It’s very Country Mouse and City Mouse.

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