Tuesday, April 15, 2014

From the mouths of babes – Thoughts on Fast Food

Goodness knows, we have had challenges raising our 12 year old son.  But he actually listens to us, bless his heart.  And when he was given the assignment to write a persuasive essay in school, he chose the topic of Fast Food.  Despite his dyslexia, he worked his hardest – and this is what he created…
What restaurants make healthier choices? Here in my essay are some  examples.
Chipotle is an example of a place that does take care of their animals such as pigs. Many pigs are raised in bad places like factory farms and don’t have a good life. At Chipotle the pigs live in back yards with big pens. The pigs don’t get hormones, but they do get organically fed. McDonald’s is not taking care of  their meat. They use MSG. MSG  causes cravings and makes you want more. McDonald’s adds other ingredients to their meat.
Taking care of your self is important, as well as paying attention to where you choose to eat . McDonald’s is not the best choice because if you eat it a lot, like every breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you will get fat, and next thing you know you’re plump with all of those calories. A more healthy option is Chipotle.
Organic is healthier for us and the environment. Organic is the most earth friendly way of growing. The food is much better than the fake food with MSG. The chemicals are not good for the bugs like lady bugs, worms, and other the good bugs.  Organic might not look as good, but it is better for you.  At Chipotle, you get to choose what you put in your food and can make healthier choices than at McDonald’s, where you don’t get to choose what goes in your meal.
Some farms feed animals organic scraps, and it is good for them (the  chickens, pigs, and other animals). They don’t get shoved in a tight pen. They don’t get diseases that spread to the others. There are some bad things in the world; fast food is one of them.
(Disclosure: My son wrote this essay – all thoughts and opinions expressed are his…)

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