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Top Things to Think about before Moving Checklist

Checklist with top things to think aboutWhen it comes to relocating, most people remember the most obvious things to think about – packing, getting a mover, finding a new school for the kids, changing the address with the post office, etc. But there is much more to a move and of course, there are things that are so important and can make a great difference, but people rarely remember about them. So we are not going to discuss no-brainers like how to find reliable movers, how to pack furniture for storagemoving to a rental specifics, etc. What are the things to think about before moving out which will make your relocation smoother, easier and simpler?

Things to think about before moving out of home

  • Is there a housing assistance program for the area you are moving to? We have a long list with city moving guides which you can consult to get info for the area where you will be relocating to. One of the top things to think about before moving out of home is saving on this matter. Or you could also arrange to have your company payfor your move. Negotiate with your employer to see how far possible this is.
  • If you are relocating to an urban area, check the availability of the infrastructure, that is how accessible is the road to your home by a moving truck, is there a parking place available, is the door automatic or do you have to hold it to keep it open, etc. This is one of the very obvious things to think about before moving in but it is difficult to have everything in mind when relocating, especially long distance, right? Accessibility of the place is a minor but important detail. Did you know that if the road to your home is too narrow for the truck/ van to reach and it has to spot further away from your new place, you may be subject to an extra tax from the moving company? Nothing to worry about – we’ve got all the hidden moving taxes and fees explained on this link.
    City landscape
    Is your new home close to important amenities like supermarket, hospital, church, etc.?
  • Do you receive any sort of benefits? If so, then you need to contact the instituion(s) to let them know you will be moving. They will need your new address and may also ask you for the date of your relocation.
  • Another one of the things to think about before moving in or out is to get to know the public transport to your new home. If you won’t be using your car, how will you transport the luggage that’s going to be with you to your new home? How is your family going to travel? Logistics is not a main thing to consider when relocating but it is a baisc thing you cannot avoid planning unless you want trouble.
  • Another one of the important things to think about before moving in with someone is who’s going to be living with you. If you have your family then things get easier. If you are going to be looking for a roommate, then perhaps this guide Moving in with Roommate Tipswill be useful.
  • If you have a pet that you wish to move with, is it allowed in your apartment building/ complex/ rental unit to take it with you? When choosing a new home this is one of the main things to think about before moving in, if your pet is important for you.
  • Where are the places of necessity and places for fun – are they close to your new home? That refers to post office, gas station, supermarket, hospital, bank, school, theater, opera, bars, churches, restaurants, sports centers, etc. It is good to be aware of those before you move because when you relocate you will know where to go depending on what you need right now.
    Apartment complex relocation
    Does your apartment complex provide a place for the moving truck to park while it unloads?
  • If you want to make changes to your new home, one of the things to think about before moving in with someone or alone is deciding on the look of the place. If you want to remove walls in your home to make it look bigger for example you need to consult your landlord what you are allowed to do and once you’re leaving, do you have to make the same changes back? Speak to the apartment manager to take a decision.
  • Meet your neighbors. In cases of emergency who can you count on and who can you rely upon if you don’t know anybody where you’re moving? One of the things to think about before moving in and deserving good consideration is making friends with your neighbors or at least becoming good acquaintances with them. It is good to have friends but either way having someone close that you can rely on can be beneficial for both sides.
As you can see, this list contains things to think about before moving out that lots of people skip. Would you be able to remember them without this article? We know moving is tough and that is why we strive to make it simpler and easier for you. If you found the free info in this checklist useful, why not share it in your social network profiles so that others can read it too?


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